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Belizean Favorite Recipes You’ll Want to Make Again at Home

After leaving our Jaguar Creek Belize rainforest resort, many of our guests miss the Belizean foods they ate during their stay. Belizean cuisine is brimming with flavors and offers warm and hearty meals. It’s hard enough to say goodbye to this country, but parting ways with all that glorious food is even harder. Still, you can relive your days at our eco-lodge in Belize by simply making these Belizean favorite recipes until you can come back. And if you haven’t had your stay yet, you can get in the mood by making these foods that we will have ready for you when you arrive!

Belizean Stew Chicken

Belizean stew chicken is usually served with a heaping amount of rice and beans for good measure. You need cilantro and thyme to add a nice fragrance to this warm and soothing dish. Even though it’s served in this tropical climate, you can use this stew to warm up when you go back home, especially in those winter months. It will remind you to come back to our Belize cabana resort soon!


Simple yet delicious, all you need are these fried corn tortillas stuffed with refried beans, cheese, and lettuce. It’s easy to recreate this epic street food taste from Belize since these ingredients can be found anywhere. True that they’ll taste best when you’re getting them authentically made in Belize, you can still whip up a batch for friends and family as appetizers during game day, or simply to remind you of your time visiting this country full of delicious foods.

Conch Fritters

Conch fritters may be from the Bahamas, but they are adored in Belize too. These fried balls of deliciousness feature hunks of conch in a tasty batter, usually with peppers and corn. The key is the dipping sauce which you can make with a little mayonnaise, ketchup, and lime juice.


If you make sere, you’ll be showing everyone true love from Belize. This dish was adapted from the Garinagu people, a subgroup of Caribbeans that reside in Belize, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Sere is made with ripe plantains that are cooked, then mashed up into a smooth paste and put with a coconut fish stew.

Done the traditional way, it takes a long time to mash them up. But at home, you can use your food processor to make it much more quickly. It’s the perfect dish for anyone that love seafood and wants a taste of Belize Recipe.


On Belize’s largest island, Ambergris Caye, pupusas are a treasured snack. Originally from El Salvador, they have ingrained themselves into Belizean cuisine. Pupusas come from the Pipil tribe of El Salvadorian descent. Back in the 1500s, they only had herbs and vegetables in them but later, they started adding meat to the filling.

Now the most popular filling involves melted cheese. And since most people adore cheese, it’s safe to assume you’ll love cheese pupusas.

Cow Foot Soup

While you might find it unusual to make a soup from the feet of a cow, give it a try. This Caribbean delicacy is brimming with nourishment and an ideal way to warm up in winter. The main ingredient of course is a cow foot, complete with hoof, which is slowly cooked along with vegetables and spices.

The gelatin from the cow foot gives you plenty of collagen, something your body needs for good health. It helps with digestion and leads to more beautiful skin. Try not to let the idea of a soup made from a foot frighten you, for once it’s done cooking, you will love the beef broth taste it provides. You can serve it with corn tortillas or white rice to make it a complete meal.


But if a cow’s hoof isn’t your ideal, then you may prefer to have escabeche instead. It’s a hearty, rustic onion soup with chicken. The chicken is marinated first with coriander leaves and an array of spices before cooking with strips of onions and lime juice. Adding a little white vinegar adds more flavor to the soup too, though with the lime juice, you may not need any more acidity. Add a few cooked corn tortillas and you’ll be eating like a Belizean!

Let Us Cook for You Instead

If the thought of cooking Belizean cuisine seems too difficult, then come to Jaguar Creek to experience the true flavors of the country. You’ll find our staff’s home-cooked creations to capture the traditional essence and flavors of Belize.
Enrich your discovery of Belize through the foods that are local delicacies here and when you go back home, you’ll be able to make them to bring you right back to your favorite spot in the rainforest.


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The Fascinating History of Belize: From the Ancient Maya Civilization to Modern Day

With Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south, Belize is a tiny nation on the eastern coast of Central America. Its history stretches back to ancient times and is extensive and exciting.

“Belize is home to the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site.[1]“

3rd–16th Century: Earliest Known Inhabitants of Belize

Maya people, an indigenous ethnicity, have been traced back to Belize’s earliest days. Between the third and ninth centuriesA.D., the people reconstructed beautiful cities and temples when the Maya civilization was at its height. They created a sophisticated system of writing and mathematics. The Maya sites of Caracol and Xunantunich, among others, have become major draws for visitors to Belize.[2]

Figure 1. Maya Civilization (Red) Compared to other Cultures (Black)* Source:

NOTE: Map showing the extent of the Maya civilization (red), compared to all other Mesoamerica cultures (black). Today, these sites are located in the countries of Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala (Source: Link Above).

At that time, the area that is now Belize was the center of a thriving Maya civilization. There may be undiscovered ruins in the Jaguar Creek region since this
location was formerly home to a small Maya community.[3]. The Maya developed an extensive network of trading routes throughout Central America, demonstrating their expertise as farmers and merchants. It is possible that the Maya used Jaguar Creek as a major trading route between interior Belize and the Caribbean Sea.[4]

Figure 2. Map Showing Mayan Trade and Economy. Source:

The Maya developed an extensive network of trading routes throughout Central America, demonstrating their expertise as farmers and merchants. They also created a sophisticated administration with strong kings and a caste system separating the nobility from the commoners. The fall of the Maya civilization started in the ninth century A.D. and was complete by the time the Spanish arrived in the area in the sixteenth century.[5]


16th–19th Century:

The Fall of BelizeThe Spanish colonized Belize in the 16th century and founded many colonies there. The Mayans’resistance and the area’s tough topography made it challenging for the Spanish to establish and retain regional dominance. The area also lacked the wealth of natural resources necessary for it to be a top priority for the Spanish monarch. Because of this, the Spanish needed to be motivated to expand the infrastructure and population in Belize; therefore, it remained a backward and sparsely inhabited part of their empire.[6]

The dense jungles of Belize provided cover for British pirates and loggers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The Spanish signed a contract with the British in the late 18th century acknowledging British rule over the territory after the British had built many outposts there. However, the Spanish crown did not acknowledge the pact, and the area continued to be a contested territory. [7] In 1862, the British claimed Belize for their empire and renamed it British Honduras. The British government spent money to improve the area by constructing roads, schools, and other facilities. In addition, they pushed for an influx of Britons to settle there, which led to the colony’s growth in population.[8]


20th Century: The Independence Again!

Belize first made attempts to get independence from Britain in the 20th century. In 1981, Belize achieved its goal of becoming an independent country.[9].Modern-day Belize is an eclectic melting pot of Mayan, Spanish, British, and African cultures. The diverse ecosystems, plentiful woods, and lively culture make it a popular tourist destination. The Belize Barrier Reef, the world’s second-largest coral reef system, is located inside the nation, drawing ecotourists from all over the globe.[10]

Figure 3. Belize People Celebrating Independence Day. Source:


Factors for Belize’s Modern-Day Growth and Decline

Since becoming an independent country in 1981, Belize has been working to modernize its infrastructure and economy, and this process has not been without its share of difficulties and possibilities. It is safe to say that the following have all played crucial roles in modern-day Belize’s progress and development:

Economic Development:

Belize’s economy is a tiny country based on agriculture, tourism, and forestry. The high poverty rate is a consequence of the country’s failure to diversify its economy and generate employment. The administration has been trying to encourage economic development and draw in foreign investment, but it has seen only little success so far[11].


The infrastructure of Belize needs to be improved, particularly the need for better roads and the uneven distribution of power and potable water. That has slowed the country’s progress and made it harder for companies to function. Efforts to upgrade infrastructure have been undertaken. However, budget constraints have slowed the improvement.[12]

Political Instability:

Several government transitions and leadership contests in Belize have highlighted the country’s long history of political instability. This has made it harder for the administration to enact long-term initiatives, which has slowed the country’s growth and stability.[13]

Relations with Neighboring Countries:

With its neighboring country Guatemala in particular, Belize has been embroiled in several territorial conflicts. It has been more challenging for Belize to attain peace and prosperity due to these issues, which have hampered the establishment of strong commercial and political relations with other nations in the area.[14]

Figure 4. Disputed Border Between Belize and Guatemala. Source:


Summary of the History of Belize

Belize’s origins may be traced back to antiquity, making for a rich and intriguing past. The history of Belize, which spans from its time as a Maya civilization to the present as a sovereign country, is rich and varied. This past continues to create Belize’s identity. Economic growth, infrastructural development, political instability, climate change, and ties with neighboring nations are only some contemporary influences on Belize’s progress and development.



September 21, 1981:

Today marks the day when Belize became completely independent fromGreat Britain[15]. There was growing pressure for independence after Belize had been a British colony for nearly a century. The government of Belize initiated independence talks with the British government in the 1970s, and on September 21, 1981, Belize officially became an independent nation[16].


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Why A Belize Destination Wedding is Right For You

Why Belize Is Your Wedding Destination

A Belize destination wedding doesn’t have to be a fantasy. It can easily be your reality. With wedding packages in Belize, you can create your perfect day with the best surroundings to say, “I do” in front of the people you love most.

But why should you choose a Belize destination wedding?

Beautiful Backdrops

At any angle, Belize has scenery that makes for the perfect photoshoot backdrop. You won’t have to look hard to find breathtaking scenes to stand in front of for those newlywed photos.

Belize brims with beaches that have waves crashing onto the silky-sanded shores. There are waterfalls and forests in the jungles. And yes, there are ancient ruins that also make things the picture of perfection for your wedding day.

Maya Archaeological Sites

While we’re on the topic of stunning backgrounds, Belize is home to ancient Maya sites that you can’t find anywhere else. You can have your wedding ceremony at Xunantunich which sits on a hilltop overlooking the Mopan River and Cayo District. With its Maya temples and palaces, it is a beautiful Belize destination wedding site.

Best of all, wedding packages in Belize can turn the whole thing into a stress-free adventure for you and your guests. You won’t have to think about anything except having the time of your life!

Go Straight into Your Honeymoon

A destination wedding in Belize certainly gives you the best backdrops and romantic location you deserve. It can bring you closer to your loved ones too by turning it into one big vacation for everyone.

After the vows and the reception, you can simply retreat to your honeymoon cabana. Or go off on an adventure with just the two of you or with the rest of the family. Experience cave kayaking, zip lining, cave tubing, birding, horseback riding, and more to make your Belize wedding and honeymoon the most incredible experience of all.

How to Have a Hassle-Free Wedding in Belize

Planning a wedding is often a stressful experience. You might think that by planning a destination wedding in Belize that it would become more complicated, but it’s far easier than anything else.

Skip all that stress by choosing Jaguar Creek, a Belize eco lodge. Nestled into the jungle and with a social mission to make a positive impact, you’ll have a meaningful start to your lives together in the most epic surroundings.

What makes Jaguar Creek one of the best options for a wedding destination in Belize is that all you have to do is show up for your wedding package. Everything else will be taken care of, allowing you to enjoy your day without the chaos and stress that usually plagues couples on their wedding day.

Jaguar Creek’s wedding package allows you to celebrate on the jungle sundeck, the creek deck, or any of the other forest or garden locations throughout the eco lodge property. All your wedding guests can have the chance to explore the rainforest trail, farm, creek, cacao plantation, and the wildlife that make this peaceful place such an epic retreat. You can also choose to have it at a Maya ruin site and leave the planning and transportation to the wedding planning team.

Best Belize Wedding Package

At Jaguar Creek, your Belize destination wedding dreams will come true with ease. The wedding day package gives you your own personal wedding coordinator that will take care of everything. You’ll also have someone to officiate the ceremony, either a non-denomination minister or a Justice of the Peace as per your preferences.

Snacks, refreshments, and a wedding cake for four are also included. A professional photographer will be arranged to capture all those special moments and give you digital copies of your photos. The bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere will be made of tropical flowers. And you can toast to your new status as husband and wife with a champagne or wine toast.

Even more can be added to make your special day complete. Simply ask and you can have it arranged with tours and other amenities. Above all, you can book the honeymoon suite, a special, private and secluded space with tranquil and sustainable décor you’ll love. The relaxing hammock and other thoughtful amenities are sure to make you feel right at home no matter how far you’ve traveled to get to Belize.

Instead of making yourself crazy trying to plan a big wedding at home where you will be too crazed to enjoy your day, consider having a destination wedding in Belize. From there, the honeymoon begins and opens the door to a lifetime of love.

Want to learn more? Contact us to start the conversation about your destination wedding in Belize.

What to Pack for Belize

What to Pack for Belize?

Helpful Items You’ll Want in Your Luggage

You’re all booked and ready for your Belize cabana resort trip. Now, what do you pack when it’s time for your Belize adventure vacation? The tropical climate means you can leave heavy jackets and bundles of layers behind. But there are a few other things that can help to have on hand to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Especially when it comes to Belize adventure tours, you will want to be prepared. Here’s what to pack!

Waterproof Phone Case

True that you’ll be off the grid when you’re at your Belize eco lodge, you won’t want anything to happen to your phone. You’ll still likely be using it to snap loads of photos that you’ll post when you get back home. As such, you should use a waterproof phone case to safeguard it from watersports, rain, and keep it safe from scratches too. A good one will also allow you to take photos underwater, which is ideal for a snorkeling trip!

Cooling Towel

You won’t have to worry about towels at your eco resort lodge, but when you go on Belize rainforest tours, you’ll be thrilled to have a cooling towel. These handy little things get 20 to 30 degrees cooler when you wet them, making them a lovely thing to have along to refresh you in the heat and humidity.

Neck Wallet

For some excursions, you’ll want to have your wallet handy. Especially if you’d like to pick up souvenirs while you’re out and about. To keep it from falling out of your pocket or worrying about it, a neck wallet keeps it firmly attached to you and frees you from needing a bag too.


Belize’s tropical sun means the chance for sunburns. Always remember your sunscreen, but make sure it’s a reef-safe formulation. Belize’s reefs are protected by UNESCO, so do your part by making sure that when you protect your skin, you’re also protecting the environment.

Rain Protection

Even if you come in the drier seasons, you will want to have some kind of rain protection. In the summer or fall, it’s the wet season so stash a windproof travel umbrella in your bag, or take along a rain jacket.

Flotation Strap

If you’ll be diving in for water adventures, a flotation strap will keep your encased phone from floating away. Ideal for a paddle boarding or boating excursion, you won’t have to worry about losing your most essential item during what should be a relaxing and invigorating vacation.

Hiking Shoes

Planning to stay on dry land? Then you’ll want hiking shoes to help you endure all that walking. Make sure they are broken in first so you won’t have sore feet at the end of the day. Hiking shoes will give your feet the support they need. Ideally, they should be water resistant too to help with rainy or muddy adventures.

Water Bottle with Built-In Filter

Not only is it better for the environment to take your own refillable water bottle, but in a place like Belize, you’ll be glad to have it. One with a filter built in is the best option because the water may not always be of quality to drink. In a place like Belize, you need to keep hydrated with water, especially when in the sun. Plus, you’ll save money by not having to buy tons of disposable bottles from vendors while you’re out and about.

Lightweight Clothing

Belize’s warm climate means that things like jeans and jackets will only bog you down. It’s a casual place so stick to casual and lightweight outfits. You may want one nicer outfit for a fancier date night, but otherwise, your goal should be to pack fun and light clothing.

Insect Repellent

At a Belize rainforest resort, insect repellent is crucial. You don’t want to get chomped on by all the mosquitos, so be sure to put this one in your bag!

Your Sense of Adventure

Above all, when you come to Belize, don’t pack your stresses. Leave them behind and instead, fuel up your sense of adventure. At a place like Jaguar Creek, you’ll find it easy to unwind and enjoy your visit.

Our eco lodge Belize is the ideal place to take on new experiences or simply relax amid the lush surrounds. With an abundance of activities that range from extreme to mellow, you’ll be sure to have a good time no matter what you do.

Are you ready to have an adventure in Belize? Check out our specials on our cabanas to book an incredible vacation that fits your budget. At Jaguar Creek, our socially focused eco lodge puts you back in touch with nature and yourself. It’s just what you need to get back on track!



5 Tips for Belize Travel

Belize Travel

A Belize rainforest vacation awaits your discovery, but before you head over, make sure you’ve got all your plans in place. This beautiful country is full of adventure and relaxation opportunities.

To ensure you have the best time on your trip, follow these top 5 tips for easy Belize travel!

  1. You can use USD

If you’re coming to Belize from the U.S., you can still use USD. Just about every business will use this form of currency so you don’t have to worry too much about converting. Check with your Belize eco resort in advance to find out if any activities will require the conversion, but otherwise, you’ll be all set!

  1. Know the best time to visit

Belize is a wonderful place to visit at any time. However, if you want to avoid the wet season, that’s from June to November. In the summer, Belize has plenty of festivals and events which make it a great time to visit, like the Lobster Fests. September is when you’ll find the celebration for Belize’s Independence Day, but during this month and October too, it is more prone to tropical storm systems.

For anyone that lives in a cold climate, your perfect Belize vacation may be a winter escape. December and January are ideal for getting into the holiday spirit without having to worry about shoveling snow. Plus, it would make a wonderful gift for the whole family to do Christmas in a special setting like this, amid the scenery with your Belize rainforest resort.

  1. Pack right

Don’t overthink what you pack in your luggage to come to Belize. This relaxing rainforest vacation doesn’t require that kind of stress. You’ll want to check the weather and plan to be comfortable, especially when it’s hot. At Jaguar Creek eco lodge in Belize, we are newly on the grid which means we use fans rather than air conditioning. Light and breezy clothing is recommended.

You’ll likely want your swimsuit and beach attire. Whatever you do, don’t forget that sunscreen or mosquito repellent. And if you do, just ask our friendly staff and we’ll help you track some down.

  1. Plan Your Activities in Advance

While you don’t have to have your itinerary jam-packed like Clark W. Griswold would from those Vacation movies, you really should decide on some adventures in advance. You can go cave tubing, zip lining, explore the Maya ruins, and plenty more.

By planning ahead, you’ll be able to stick to your budget. Of course, you may decide something sounds exciting after making new friends at the Belize eco lodge. You can always see about signing up for these adventures once you arrive.

There’s also nothing wrong with taking it easy on your activities either. Jaguar Creek has meditation spots, terraces, and gardens that are perfect for that. There are also tours and classes about local culture plus hiking and walking tours. You’re bound to find something that will suit your mood.

  1. Book a stay with great adventures

When you’re in Belize, you want to discover what makes it such a unique place. Staying in Jaguar Creek eco lodge in Belize gives you the chance to disconnect from the constant buzz of your life and escape. Our peaceful jungle lodge is surrounded by rainforest with wildlife and fauna to discover at every turn.

We focus on sustainable practices and our staff of locals attends to your needs with home-cooked meals and friendly service for a resort experience. You’ll also have the chance to easily arrange all kinds of adventures. Join in one of the half-day or full-day tours that take you tubing through volcanic caves, or simply make time to lounge on the beach with cocktails.

No matter who you’re traveling with or what you’d like to see, there’s so much to discover from our jungle setting in Belize. Don’t forget to carve out time to see the ruins too. These places have been here for ages, and they are humbling to see.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Forget Souvenirs

Hopefully you’ll have the chance to come back to Belize again and again. Before you head home, don’t forget to grab some souvenirs that will serve as a reminder of your trip. Belizean rum is a must so you can make those tasty cocktails when you get home again.

You may want to get some locally made crafts like jewelry, Mayan baskets, and local carvings. Handmade soaps make a great gift for anyone back home. And whether you went on your own adventure without the kids or brought them along, chocolate from Belize is always a welcome gift.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to plan ahead for everything you need when it comes to visiting Belize!


Top 5 Adventures in Belize 2023

For an adventure vacation, Belize has it all! From the rainforests full of wildlife and waterfalls to adrenaline-pumping activities like zip lining, rappelling, and cave tubing, you can customize your own adventure when you visit.

Start off at the Jaguar Creek rainforest lodge Belize and you’ll have everything you need to enjoy an epic adventure. In Belize, all inclusive adventure packages make it easy though you can inquire about anything that catches your eye and plan your days full of excitement.

Here are 5 of the top adventures travelers seek when they stay in Belize!

  1. Caving

Take a cave river trip and tube into a dark cave for a completely unique experience. With the waterfall crashing up ahead, you’ll find yourself in tune with nature. Then you’ll emerge into the light and forests again, surrounded by exotic flora and fauna only native to Belize.

The cave formations are among the most fascinating because so many of them have not been fully explored. That means you could find something new when you’re there. The Actun Tunuchil Muknal is one of the most popular caves. It was once a Mayan burial site and features the ‘Crystal Maiden,’ the most famed skeleton in the cave.

This is an intensive activity that requires hiking, climbing, and swimming so be ready for action!

  1. Zip Lining

Soar high above the jungle like a bird with zip lining. Many of these tours combine it with rappelling too which makes it the ultimate in excitement. You can rappel down a waterfall which is a daring feat. But if you’re less experienced or traveling with your family, the Mayflower Bocawina National Park is an easier way to start out.

Want to make zip lining even more exciting? Try it at night and see the difference!

  1. Trek Through Ruins

Belize features a vast array of Mayan temples and historical sites. If you love history and adventure, this is the perfect activity for you. Xunantunich is one of the most popular though you can also visit Lamanai, Caracol, and Altun Ha if you have the time.

If your vacation only allows for a little exploration time, head to Cayo which is where Xunantunich is found. The pyramid El Castillo is a must-see for visitors of Belize, and is estimated to be about 1400 years old. Hike to the top and you’ll be treated to a sublime view!

  1. Helicopter Tours

Want to splurge on your adventure? Arrange for a helicopter tour and you’ll fly over the protected, untouched jungle reserves, mountains, and waterfalls. Nothing beats seeing the ruins from up high too, especially if you’ve already had the chance to explore them by foot first. While they’re a more pricey adventure, helicopter tours are the ultimate way to spend time in Belize.

  1. Snorkeling

Belize is located on one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, making it a prime place for both snorkeling and scuba diving. The water visibility tends to go over 100 feet, and with the clear, warm waters, it’s always a comfortable experience that gives you the chance to discover a whole new world.

The Belize Barrier Reef happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It includes the famed Blue Hole, a circular water hole that is astounding to see. You can view it from above the water via kayak, canoe, or other vessel. It’s an incredible once in a lifetime chance to see this landmark with your own eyes.

How to Set Up an Adventure in Belize

Jaguar Creek, your Belize adventure resort, has a number of opportunities for you to get out there and explore. When you can’t decide what to do first, try the zip lining and cave tubing combo where you get the best of both worlds. Take a Mayan site tour to see Xunantunich and Cahal Pech in Cayo.

Roam the caves of the Blue Hole National Park, or go on an extreme adventure with ziplining rappelling, and dry cave exploration. Discover waterfalls, caves, and everything in between. And if you feel like simply having a beach day, you can do that too! You can bring your snorkel and jump right into the waters, or bring a book and luxuriate out on the sands of Placencia, then enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch.

There are so many ways to create your own adventures in Belize, and Jaguar Creek is just the eco lodge resort to help you get there. From half day adventures to full days, you’ll have everything you need to build the best memories with those you love.

Our adventures can be made to suit couples, families, and groups of friends. You’ll become closer to Belize, and to each other through it all!

Top 3 Adventure Honeymoons in Belize

Whether you have your wedding and honeymoon in Belize or just your honeymoon, there are always adventures to get into for newlyweds. Adventurous couples flock here for the famed jungle landscape, ready to dig into the rugged frontier.

If you’re adrenaline junkies, there are so many things you can do to have an adventurous honeymoon in Belize. The Cayo District in particular is a playground of adventure opportunities for couples to bond with during their honeymoon. It is here that you’ll be deep in the jungle, truly getting away from it all.

This place is home to ancient Maya sites and landmarks, caves, waterfalls, and fascinating wildlife you won’t see anywhere else. Here are the top 3 adventures for honeymooners to consider!

Is Belize a good honeymoon destination?

  1. Relaxed Adventure

For a Belize adventure that’s a little bit more relaxed before or after a more strenuous activity, couples will love a lazy tubing or rafting experience on the Sibun River. Drift away in pure bliss, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature on the gentle waters. You’re bound to see spider and howler monkeys on this journey, playing along the river banks. Plus when you look up, you may spot some unusual birds.

  1. Ceremonial Cave Tours

Do you like being scared? Belize adventure tours for those that love spooky ghost stories are an incredible option. You can take a ceremonial cave tour deep in the underground caves. Once upon a time, these were the sites of human sacrifices in the height of the Maya Empire. You may even spot human remains along the way. This exciting adventure is not for the faint of heart!

  1. Zip Lining

For couples that prefer to stay dry on their adventures, you will fly high with zip lining. Best of all, you can do this in those caves to explore them without getting wet. The zip line takes you through those artifact-riddled caves and barrels you across a steep canyon. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a bird, this is one of those adventures that will satisfy your curiosity!

But why stop at that? You can combine these adventures any way that you wish. Make it a full day of adventure with ziplining and cave tubing, canoeing, cave exploration, and beach tours. Or choose half-day adventures for dry cave tours, kayaking, zip lining, horseback riding, and more.

Every day of your honeymoon in Belize can be a unique adventure that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

Best Belize Adventure Vacation for Honeymooners

If you still haven’t picked your wedding venue, Jaguar Creek offers you the ideal opportunity to combine your destination wedding with your honeymoon. As a Belize eco resort, it is situated in the jungle with lush surroundings that put you right in the heart of the areas of your best adventures.

Another reason to plan your wedding here is that the wedding package includes your own personal wedding coordinator. Every little detail will be taken care of to ensure your best experience. However, if you’d prefer to have your wedding in your own location and jet off to Belize for a honeymoon, don’t let that stop you! This eco resort is sustainable yet luxurious to give you the 5-star experience you deserve.

The Honeymoon Suite is a comfortable, private, and romantic setting right in the rainforest. While it offers all the seclusion you desire as a newly married couple, you’ll also have easy access to the lodge and all its amenities. This suite offers lush and comfortable bedding, thoughtful décor made in Belize, fresh flowers, and a relaxing hammock.

Head down one of the many surrounding nature trails, or walk hand in hand through the gardens. Grab a tropical cocktail from the bar and make new friends, or arrange for a couples’ massage after your adventures. Meditate, then set up a picnic amid this gorgeous scenery. It doesn’t get any better than this!

When is the Best Time for a Belize Honeymoon?

All year round, Belize is known for tropical weather. That’s what makes it such a prime destination. Get out of the cold and head off to your Belize honeymoon in early December to make everyone jealous, or make this a destination wedding and bring them along.

Ideally, you should choose the months of December through April to come to Belize. This will give you the sunniest and driest weather, minimizing your chances of being washed out by the rains.

September and October are the wettest months in Belize. Plus, with this tropical location, it’s not uncommon to be faced with tropical storms during this time period. Instead, reserve the Honeymoon Suite at Jaguar Creek to begin building your adventure together. Then you can count down the days until you get to explore out in the wild!