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The Maya Mountain rainforest is a world apart from the rest of Belize and it is a place filled with vivid colors, fascinating wildlife and a peacefulness that is unlike anywhere else on earth.

Nestled in the pristine rainforest, each of our six private cabanas is designed to give you a comfortable jungle experience.

Designed to give you an amazing, comfortable jungle experience. Refurbished two queen luxury cabana in the middle of the jungle.

Our Honeymoon Suite is designed to give you a private, comfortable, romantic, and unique rainforest experience.

Situated next to our vegetable farm, coffee, and cacao plantation, our Private Farmhouse Cabana is a secluded experience for those who want more space.

Surrounded by vibrant rainforest but conveniently located near our main lodge, this cabana is designed to give you a comfortable jungle experience.

Our large Group Cabana can comfortably accommodate 10 to 16 guests while our small Group Cabana can accommodate 6 to 8 guests.

Be present in the moment

Whichever Belize jungle cabana you stay in, you will experience the peace and vibrant life that can only be found at Jaguar Creek. Rooms are free of radios, clocks and TVs to allow you to be fully present in this life-giving environment – and even though we recently went on the grid, we still use fans for cooling instead of air conditioning and we have limited wifi. And your stay will directly help our local communities through our social impact mission!

Discover tranquility