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Why You Should Visit the Belize Zoo

For visitors coming to Belize with or without children, the Belize Zoo is truly a must-see attraction. Sharon Matola opened this zoo in 1983 and ever since, it has been the home for over 125 animals. Spanning 29 acres, it has so much to do and see.

When you stay at Jaguar Creek Belize eco lodge, you’ll want to add the Belize Zoo to your itinerary. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss it!

Uniquely Belizean Animals

What sets the Belize Zoo apart is that it only contains animals that are indigenous to this region. It’s not like other zoos you’ve seen largely because the spec ies of animals here are rare and special to the area. That means if you’ve been trying to spot a jaguar from your Jaguar Creek cabana with no success since they are rather elusive, you will absolutely be able to see one at the zoo!

Real Habitats

Have you ever been to another country and gone to the zoo only to see the animals in cages? It’s upsetting, to say the least. But you won’t find that at the Belize Zoo. The animals aren’t kept in cages, and there are no concrete embankments or fake habitats  either. Each animal lives in its own natural surroundings.

Great Location

The Belize Zoo is easy to get to with a location right outside Belize City. At Jaguar Creek, we can help you make arrangements to get there with ease so you can explore all that this zoo has to offer.

Excellent for Families and Animal Lovers

The Belize Zoo also boasts incredible educational opportunities for kids, and adults too. It’s impossible to be bored with all the animals and activities in the zoo

See Unusual Creatures

At the zoo, you’ll see some peculiar animals that you may not have seen before. Peccaries are just one example. These are wild pigs though beware as they do have a distinct odor. Harpy eagles are also throughout the rainforest jungles in Belize, especially surrounding Jaguar Creek. However, they are difficult to spot in the wild. Fun fact: they are the largest and most powerful of all the eagles in the world!

Belize is also the place where big cat species thrive. The jaguars are incredibly difficult to spot in the wild. The ancient Mayans worshipped them , but you can worship them at the zoo.

And for kids that love a hands-on experience, the zoo lets you handle boa constrictors. If you’ve never touched a snake before but always wanted to do so, this experience makes it safe and easy.

Giving Back to the Animals

Since the Belize Zoo is a non-profit, the entrance fees you pay and the souvenirs you buyin the gift shop all benefit the animals. This allows the rescue team to continue to assist abandoned and injured animals, giving them the chance to recover and thrive once again.

Try the Belize Zoo at Night

Another way to experience the Belize Zoo is by taking a night tour. All the nocturnal animals will be awake and ready to entertain. You’ll definitely want to have insect repellent on for this adventure as you meet tapirs, margays, and other nocturnal critters like the spectacle owl. It’s an amazing way to see the zoo in a whole different light, or rather, lack of light!

Come Home to Jaguar Creek After Your Belize Zoo Adventure

Jaguar Creek eco lodge in Belize offers travelers the best place to enjoy all that Belize has to offer. Our sustainable location in the heart of the rainforest provides comfortable accommodations and friendly resort-style service.

Before heading to the zoo, enjoy a big Belizean breakfast amid the lush rainforest surrounds. Our local staff creates authentic homecooked meals that will give you all the nourishment you need prior to your activities.

When you get back at the end of the day, you can enjoy dinner with us too. Let the kids enjoy a refreshing juice while you have a tropical cocktail at our bar. Then dig into our delightful foods to replenish after a busy adventure.

Retreat to your cabana and you’ll have the perfect p lace to refresh. It’s peaceful here at Jaguar Creek, where you can pile on the adventures or simply unwind as you see fit. If you’d like to visit the Belize Zoo during your stay, let us know and we’ll happily help you arrange it for daytime or even the nighttime adventure.

Make it part of your honeymoon, part of your family vacation, or an activity to do with your friends. The Belize Zoo is a wonderful place to discover the unique wildlife in our area, especially if you have been hoping to spy a jaguar from your cabana!

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