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Why You Should Visit the Actun Tunichil Muknal Caves

If you’re ready for adventure when you come to Belize, there is no better place to discover than the Actun Tunichil Muknal Caves. Nicknamed the ATM Cave, this place is in the Mountain Tapir Reserve of western Belize.

Right nearby Jaguar Creek, you will easily be able to get here from our Belize eco lodge to discover the kinds of sights you thought only existed in those old Indiana Jones movies. It is here that you will explore more about the ancient Mayans while having the adventure of a lifetime!

Entrenched in Ancient History

The ATM Cave calls to adventurers with a magnetic vibe. You’ll walk along the paths that ancient Mayans took through the caves and see the traces they left from their civilization. The jungle was theirs and the rivers fueled their lives. The caves were a place that they considered to be the way to access the gods, and as such, they are a place of reverence.

See the Crystal Maiden

Within the ATM Cave, you’ll see one of the most amazing artifacts known as the Crystal Maiden. In these chambers, there are 14 complete skeletons, though the Crystal Maiden is by far the most famed. The skeleton is crystalized and fused to the cave floor thanks to the water running over the bones for so many years. This creates a shimmering look, and amid the thousands of artifacts including pottery, tools, weapons, and water vessels, it is utterly fascinating.

Epic Adventures

Another reason to visit the ATM Cave is for the adventures you’ll have. Yes, history in itself is an adventure, but you can also go rock climbing to get up high, swim in the waters, and walk through the caves with only a flashlight to light the way. The walls shimmer with the light from the calcification built up over the ages. You’ll be equipped with safety gear and a certified guide who will lead the way, sharing insights about the environment, history, and the cave in general.

See the Cathedral

In the dry chamber of the ATM Cave, it is called the ‘Cathedral.’ Only wet socks are permitted in this area to preserve the sensitive limestone floor and the many artifacts you’ll find here. It is such a unique and special experience, though we do advise you to pack socks you don’t mind dirtying for this part of your trip.

Head Back to Jaguar Creek After the ATM Cave Adventure

When you’ve finished your adventure, you’ll be happy to come back to your home away from home at Jaguar Creek. Freshen up in your comfortably appointed cabana and get ready for a delicious meal overlooking the rainforest.

At our on-site restaurant, we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to satisfy your biggest appetite. When you come back to our rainforest eco lodge, you’ll be delighted to find homecooked Belizean food, lovingly prepared by our local staff.

Our menus change daily to give you a perfect taste of Belize through authentic foods. Be sure to let us know if you have any dietary requirements or food sensitivities so we can do our best to accommodate them for you.

Before dinner, grab a drink at our bar and relax a while. Or come mingle and discuss your adventures with the other guests after dinner. You can retreat to the outdoor area to enjoy your cocktails under the starry skies.

With our adventure resort in Belize, we are on a mission to integrate sustainability and Belizean culture for an unparalleled experience. We do this on our grounds by advocating for our environment and local community as well as making adventures to places like the ATM Cave and other unique places easy for you to enjoy.

Come stay with us at our Belize eco lodge to see the ATM Cave, try zip lining, cave tubing, meditate, explore nature, and simply relax in the most pristine surroundings. We’ll help you disconnect from your stresses to refresh in the way the Belizeans do every day.

There is so much to explore here and by staying at Jaguar Creek, you’ll be in the heart of it all. Let us help you discover the true beauty and authenticity of Belize. Book your stay today and you’ll be on your way to making memories with the people you love most while getting the chance to see magical Mayan sites!


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