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What to Eat for a Belizean Breakfast

When staying at our Belize eco resort, Jaguar Creek, you can enjoy a true Belizean breakfast with views of the jungle. Our lush surroundings offer the perfect setting to start your day.

Fuel up with a hearty breakfast before you head out for a fun adventure for the day. You’ll be ready to enjoy the best of Belize by eating breakfast like a Belizean.

About Belizean Food

Since Belize is a melting pot of cultures, the food here is incredibly diverse. In every meal, you’ll experience tastes of African, Mayan, and Caribbean influence. Made from fresh and naturally organic foods, the dishes in Belize will have you coming back for more.

But just like any other place, breakfast in Belize is an important start to the day. You won’t want to skip it while staying in our Belize eco lodge!

What Is a Belizean Breakfast?

While the food in Belize is delicious, breakfast is surely one of the most treasured meals of the day. With a true Belizean breakfast, you’ll have everything you need to fuel your mind and body for all the adventures ahead. Here’s what you can expect to start your day with while you’re vacationing in Belize.


Eggs are naturally a healthy part of breakfast in Belize. They are often served with bacon or sausage, though if you want to eat Mayan style, add tomatoes. Additionally, you’ll also find refried beans with your Belizean breakfast. The beans are slowly cooked with onions and herbs for a truly inviting aroma.

If you are feeling adventurous, you may even opt for fish along with your breakfast. Belizean breakfasts may include this or offer it as an option instead of eggs.


While beans, eggs with or without tomatoes, and meats sound hearty enough, Belizeans enjoy carbs with their breakfast. You can choose from tortillas, johnny cakes, or fry jacks. Johnny cakes are a type of biscuit while fry jacks are fried bits of dough that puff up like little pillows of heavenly delight. They’re similar to a beignet and utterly delicious. You can eat them as-is or rip them open and stuff them with your other breakfast items.

Flavorful Additions

Condiments like hot sauce are a staple for Belizean breakfast. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to not find a bottle of hot sauce at the table. Habanero salsa is also served, adding another dimension of flavors to your breakfast plate.

Something Sweet

American travelers enjoy both sweet and savory breakfast options. A Belizean breakfast will not disappoint! You can find tropical fruits, fruit pies, and papaya jam to enjoy with your first meal of the day. Jams are another amazing way to elevate the already-scrumptious taste of fry jacks too!


Belizeans tend to drink instant coffee at breakfast though you may be able to find brewed coffee. Either way, if you’re used to your morning cup of joe, you’ll find it here.

The Belizean Breakfast Dining Experience

For a true breakfast like a Belizean, it is encouraged to sit, linger, and enjoy. Eating out in the open amid the natural surroundings, listening to nature’s glory reminds you to slow down.

And aren’t you on vacation anyway? Take your time and savor the moment. Having breakfast here gives you the chance to engage all of your senses in the most epic of ways.

Start Your Day at Jaguar Creek with a Belizean Breakfast

At Jaguar Creek, our restaurant is located in the Main Lodge to serve you all meals, including breakfast. We present deliciously homecooked Belizean meals. With set menus that change daily, you will find new delights every day of your stay.

If you have a dietary restriction or food sensitivity, please let us know so that we can accommodate you. This way, you will not have to worry and can enjoy eating a Belizean breakfast or any meal.

Our mission is to give you a uniquely Belizean experience throughout our entire resort. We provide exceptional service, ensuring every detail has been thought of for your ultimate enjoyment. As we choose our foods from local sources, we are proud to support our local community and we thank you for doing the same.

You’ll find Jaguar Creek is a special jungle retreat in the heart of Belize. No matter the reason for your stay – honeymoon, destination wedding, couples’ retreat, or family vacation – we aim to make it an authentic one.

Join us at the table for breakfast every day of your stay and you’ll be ready to power through all the excitement we offer in and around the resort to give you that full Belizean experience!


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