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Hey fellow road-tripper,

thanks for taking this short detour to check out Jaguar Creek!

It’s the season to plan your vacation, and I hope you’ll check out what Jaguar Creek has to offer.

My wife and I launched Jaguar Creek with a group of friends, a few ideas about the beauty of the rainforest, and a passion for expressing our faith in a tangible way. Jaguar Creek was initially an academic center for students at Christian colleges to study tropical biology, sociology, and religious studies. In time it began hosting mission and church groups. Over the years some amazing nonprofits have been launched from Jaguar Creek.

Today Jaguar Creek is a socially focused eco-resort run by our family foundation. All net proceeds are poured back into the community to help students grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially. Our hospitality welcomes all groups now, but we will always host academic groups, church groups, and mission groups. Throughout it all we will never stray from our faithful love for the Creator.

So really it’s a win/win/win for you to book your vacation here! You can experience an amazing place, know the cost of your private bungalow is being used to support others, and together we can faithfully fulfill the commandment to love others. Plus you will meet Franklin, Carlos, Judy, and everyone else at Jaguar Creek.

Readers of my devotions are being offered a special discount, too!

Thanks for considering it. Hope to see you there sometime!

Roy Goble

Your unplugged jungle experience

Our unique Belize Eco Lodge with 12 cabanas is designed to give you a comfortable jungle experience with private bathrooms and hot water. Since we are only recently on the grid, we use fans instead of AC. Due to our location in the middle of the jungle, internet has very limited availability.

The sounds of nature is our playlist

Jaguar Creek sits on 700 acres (and owns another 1,200 in a conservation trust across the street) of protected rainforest. Explore our two hiking trails and discover the local wildlife, including over 600 species of birds. Relax and listen to the sound of rain hitting the leaves outside of your room.

Experience the beauty of Belize

When you come, you are not just a guest – you are family. Our local staff makes home-cooked meals and loves to share the beauty of their home country with you.

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The staff here was very, very friendly and accommodating.
I felt at ease and relaxed during my time here. The grounds are very beautiful. We really appreciate your consideration for the environment. The work you do in local schools in providing education is truly inspiring.

Piper and Scott, Michigan

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