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The Best Food in Belize

Belizean Dishes You Have to Try During Your Visit   

If you’re thinking of visiting Belize to see the Mayan ruins and take in some adventure, be prepared to work up an appetite for the amazing food in Belize. These adventurous activities will get your stomach rumbling for tasty foods.

When you stay at a Belize eco lodge like Jaguar Creek, you’ll be in for a true treat. Local staff carefully curates delicious meals for you. With that homecooked touch to everything, you’ll soon fall head over heels in love with the comforting cuisine.

So, what foods should you be sure to taste in Belize? Here are some of our favorite Belizean dishes!

What is the most popular food in Belize?

Rice and Beans

Rice and beans sound like a simple dish, but it is likely Belize’s national dish as every family eats it. It features rice and red kidney beans with coconut milk for a tasty yet filling meal. You’ll find it with stewed chicken, fried plantains, and salad to really satisfy your hunger.

Fry Jacks

Adults and kids alike love fry jacks! These puffy deep-fried dough pieces are often served for breakfast. Shaped like circles or triangles, they’re a true treat. You can enjoy them on their own or pile up your plate with eggs, bacon, sausage, and refried beans too.


While ceviche is served in many other locations, Belizeans also do this seafood dish right. It consists of conch, shrimp, or lobster marinated in lime juice along with aromatic garlic, onions, and habanero peppers. These things help cure the raw seafood, making it safe to eat.

In Belize, you should try conch ceviche. It goes great with fresh corn chips and an ice cold Belikin Beer in the tropical weather.


Belizeans also love making tamales. This traditional dish uses masa or corn dough that is stuffed with a filling of seasoned chicken or pork. This is then wrapped into plantain or banana leaves, then steamed or boiled. The Ancient Mayans started the tradition of making tamales, making them for feasts back in 1200 to 250 BC. Tamales are bursting with flavors and will have you hooked on the food in Belize!


Another thing you’ll love to eat while you’re visiting Belize is panades. These are served for lunch of snacks. They are deep fried corn tortillas that are filled with smoked fish, beans, chicken, or cheese. You simply have to try them all to find your favorite, though likely, you’ll want to feast on all of them.

Often, they are topped with cortido, a sauce made from habanero peppers, white vinegar, onions, and salt. This acidic sauce is the perfect balance for this tasty Belizean dish.


You’ll be lucky to try this traditional Belizean dish that is known by ‘Black Dinner’ since it is so dark. It features black recado, a mixture of achiote paste and a blend of Mayan cuisine spices to make this dark soup. Boiled eggs, chicken, and vegetables are found in the soup, and while it may look unusual, the aroma and flavors will have you coming back for more.


After taking on one of the adventure tours Belize has to offer, be sure to grab a snack of salbutes. These tiny fried corn tortillas are topped off with a mix of chicken, avocado, cabbage, and Belizean hot sauce. Grab a beer or cocktail to go with them and you’ll be all set!

Cochinita Pibil

Hawaii has the kalua pig, and Belize has cochinita pibil. This special celebration meal is one you really need to try during your stay. The whole pig is marinated, then covered in a wrapping of banana leaves and placed in a smoldering stone pit. It takes hours to roast this way, but the efforts are well worth it, for the meat falls apart with ease and has an incredible flavor.

It is usually served with corn tortillas and pickled onions. Cochinita pibil is one of the best thing you’ll get a chance to taste while you’re in Belize.

Authentic Belize Eco Lodge Experience

Tasting the local foods when you visit somewhere is the best way to get to know a place. When you stay at Jaguar Creek, you will experience the full hospitality of local homecooked meals and friendly local service.

By putting their hearts into everything they do, it creates the most authentic and unique Belizean experience you’ll have during your stay. These meals are hearty offerings from our on-site restaurant with buffet meals that allow you to eat your fill before or after your adventures.

It’s all kid-friendly too, though we’re sure your kids will love the fry jacks above all. Plus, if you have a special diet, let us know so we can accommodate your needs. In this way, we can be sure to give every guest the utmost in attention and ensure you eat your fill at every meal in Belize!


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