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Is Belize Good for Kids?

5 Things Kids Love About Belize

Often, people think that Belize is best for those that go for extreme adventures or want to relax. However, it’s also a perfect place to take the family. With a tropical climate and landscape plus plenty of things for kids to do, you might want to make it your next family vacation in Belize.

The memories you’ll make together doing these priceless things will last a lifetime. They’re also sure to have your kids asking if you can go back to Belize every year. Here are 5 things kids love about Belize!

What do kids love about Belize?

  1. Xunantunich

It all starts with a ferry ride that is hand-cranked over the river, which primes kids and adults alike for excitement. Xunantunich resides atop a hill that overlooks the Cayo District and the Mopan River. This area was a major ceremonial site, built during the Classic Period. It features six major plazas and more than 25 Maya temples and palaces.

Kids are always in awe of this place, plus it is one of the few of these types of sites that allows for safe climbing uphill. The largest pyramid here is ‘El Castillo,’ which means ‘the castle.’ It stands 130 feet about the plaza and features carved friezes that have been covered and preserved.

The chance to burn off all that energy and get a good night’s rest at one of the Belize jungle resorts after marveling at this historic site is one all parents will love too.

  1. Making Chocolate

Who loves chocolate more than children? If there is anything that can get them in gear faster, it is the allure of learning how to make chocolate. There are several places you can take a chocolate making tour with your kids, including Lamanai Chocolate, where you’ll all be in for a fun time and tasty treats.

Kids will  love learning how cacao beans come from the inside of a fruit and become the sweet chocolaty delights they know and love. With this hands-on experience to grind the beans and convert them into chocolate, it’s one of the reasons kids love Belize.

  1. Blue Hole National Park

Not to be confused with the Blue Hole out in the Belize Barrier Reef, this national park is a must-see for all visitors of Belize. It is home to two cave complexes – the Crystal Cave and St. Herman’s – plus it has tons of nature trails.

St. Herman’s Cave allows access to the general public and is best suited for families while the Crystal Cave is best for those that are experienced in rappelling. Despite this, families will love this area because there is so much wildlife to see. In fact, there are 200 different avian species of birds that call this national park home.

Your kids will adore seeing these birds that include the red-legged honeycreeper, tody motmot, and slaty antwren. Naturally, in such an expanse of nature, you will see far more than that. This area is also home to ocelots and jaguars, plus a bounty of other creatures. Your kids will love having a contest to see how many animals they can spot on your adventures here.

  1. Butterfly Farms

While some kids love bugs and others find them terrifying, all kids seem to love butterflies. These beautiful insects are so graceful, it’s hard not to adore them. In Belize, you’ll find butterfly farms that let you get up close and personal with some of the more elusive species, like the Blue Morpho.

It’s fun seeing so many butterflies, plus the photos you’ll get will always bring your family the best memories. At the butterfly farms, you’ll all learn more about these creatures in the most fun way possible.

  1. River Tubing

Belize is home to many caves, which the Mayas thought were the entrance to the underworld. In these caves, they water is deep blue and creates a spectacular sight for tubing. It’s a little eerie yet exciting as you wear headlamps and head along on tubes through the waters to the other side.

But if the interior of a cave would creep your kids out, a better idea is to choose a lodge on a creek with tubing. At a Belize eco resort, this keeps it out in the open and lets kids ride the waves of adventure. In fact, that might be best for parents too, having a safe yet exciting adventure the whole family can take part in at any age.

Additionally, kids love the feel of being in the jungle, surrounded by nature at every turn. At eco resorts in Belize, you can all hop off the grid and reconnect together. Delicious food and a friendly culture are other reasons kids always ask their parents if they can stay a little longer.

Now that you know the things kids love about Belize, it’s time to think about planning a trip for the family. Instead of doing those same theme park trips, take them somewhere that gives them these kinds of unique experiences that they’ll remember for a lifetime.



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