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Belizean Favorite Recipes You’ll Want to Make Again at Home

After leaving our Jaguar Creek Belize rainforest resort, many of our guests miss the Belizean foods they ate during their stay. Belizean cuisine is brimming with flavors and offers warm and hearty meals. It’s hard enough to say goodbye to this country, but parting ways with all that glorious food is even harder. Still, you can relive your days at our eco-lodge in Belize by simply making these Belizean favorite recipes until you can come back. And if you haven’t had your stay yet, you can get in the mood by making these foods that we will have ready for you when you arrive!

Belizean Stew Chicken

Belizean stew chicken is usually served with a heaping amount of rice and beans for good measure. You need cilantro and thyme to add a nice fragrance to this warm and soothing dish. Even though it’s served in this tropical climate, you can use this stew to warm up when you go back home, especially in those winter months. It will remind you to come back to our Belize cabana resort soon!


Simple yet delicious, all you need are these fried corn tortillas stuffed with refried beans, cheese, and lettuce. It’s easy to recreate this epic street food taste from Belize since these ingredients can be found anywhere. True that they’ll taste best when you’re getting them authentically made in Belize, you can still whip up a batch for friends and family as appetizers during game day, or simply to remind you of your time visiting this country full of delicious foods.

Conch Fritters

Conch fritters may be from the Bahamas, but they are adored in Belize too. These fried balls of deliciousness feature hunks of conch in a tasty batter, usually with peppers and corn. The key is the dipping sauce which you can make with a little mayonnaise, ketchup, and lime juice.


If you make sere, you’ll be showing everyone true love from Belize. This dish was adapted from the Garinagu people, a subgroup of Caribbeans that reside in Belize, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Sere is made with ripe plantains that are cooked, then mashed up into a smooth paste and put with a coconut fish stew.

Done the traditional way, it takes a long time to mash them up. But at home, you can use your food processor to make it much more quickly. It’s the perfect dish for anyone that love seafood and wants a taste of Belize Recipe.


On Belize’s largest island, Ambergris Caye, pupusas are a treasured snack. Originally from El Salvador, they have ingrained themselves into Belizean cuisine. Pupusas come from the Pipil tribe of El Salvadorian descent. Back in the 1500s, they only had herbs and vegetables in them but later, they started adding meat to the filling.

Now the most popular filling involves melted cheese. And since most people adore cheese, it’s safe to assume you’ll love cheese pupusas.

Cow Foot Soup

While you might find it unusual to make a soup from the feet of a cow, give it a try. This Caribbean delicacy is brimming with nourishment and an ideal way to warm up in winter. The main ingredient of course is a cow foot, complete with hoof, which is slowly cooked along with vegetables and spices.

The gelatin from the cow foot gives you plenty of collagen, something your body needs for good health. It helps with digestion and leads to more beautiful skin. Try not to let the idea of a soup made from a foot frighten you, for once it’s done cooking, you will love the beef broth taste it provides. You can serve it with corn tortillas or white rice to make it a complete meal.


But if a cow’s hoof isn’t your ideal, then you may prefer to have escabeche instead. It’s a hearty, rustic onion soup with chicken. The chicken is marinated first with coriander leaves and an array of spices before cooking with strips of onions and lime juice. Adding a little white vinegar adds more flavor to the soup too, though with the lime juice, you may not need any more acidity. Add a few cooked corn tortillas and you’ll be eating like a Belizean!

Let Us Cook for You Instead

If the thought of cooking Belizean cuisine seems too difficult, then come to Jaguar Creek to experience the true flavors of the country. You’ll find our staff’s home-cooked creations to capture the traditional essence and flavors of Belize.
Enrich your discovery of Belize through Belize Recipes and the foods that are local delicacies here and when you go back home, you’ll be able to make them to bring you right back to your favorite spot in the rainforest.


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