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7 Reasons To Get Married At An Eco-Lodge in For Your Belize Destination Wedding

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, you want to pick a place that’s romantic, immersive, and unique for you and your guests. With endless options, it’s difficult to find a location that combines the convenience of a resort wedding with the timelessness of a small local venue. Eco-lodges offer the best of both worlds with stunning natural settings, personalized wedding packages, and intimately unique locations that provide the perfect backdrop for not only your big day but an unforgettable adventure for your entire guest list.

Here is why an eco-resort wedding might be everything you’re looking for.

1. Unique Wedding Venue

You want to feel special on your big day, and the personalization of an eco-lodge makes that possible. Often run by locals and small families, eco-lodges are one-of-a-kind instead of the corporate feel of a large resort. They’re generally located in intimate settings with distinct stories that will make your wedding more memorable.

You won’t have to sacrifice anything, either. Most eco-lodges have all the amenities of a larger resort with the personalization of a small venue. Wedding guests can do things they’ve never done, and your destination wedding will be one for the books.

2. More Than The Big Day

There’s something for everyone at an eco-lodge. Destination weddings are more than a day long, so choosing a place that offers opportunities to get to know the country will make your wedding more memorable.

Eco-lodges combine your celebration of love with an immersive adventure for you and your guests. At Jaguar Creek in Belize, for example, ancient archeological sites, crystal caves, the national park, and beaches are easily accessible for day trips. Even without leaving the Belize jungle resort, guests can enjoy the creek, rainforest trail, farm, cacao plantation, and local birds every morning when they wake up.

3. An Intimate Setting

It’s not difficult to keep track of your wedding guests at an eco-lodge. Eco-lodges are smaller than large resorts, so you can rent out the entire spot and celebrate for days without worrying about other guests. With dedicated staff to support you every step of the way, you’ll be able to relax as you promise your love to your life partner.

At Jaguar Creek, our 11 rooms of varying sizes are perfect for the wedding party and family to stay on-site so that it’s a celebration every night of your stay in Belize. You’ll be able to spend quality time connecting with everyone who came to celebrate with you, making deeper memories for years to come. And when it’s time to retire for the night, your intimate honeymoon suite awaits.

4. A Stunning and Sustainable Backdrop for Your Wedding

Getting jaw-dropping photos at an eco-lodge is the rule, not the exception. Eco-lodges are created to have minimal environmental impact and often use sustainable practices. Because of that, the natural beauty remains intact, making a stunning sustainable backdrop for your destination wedding. Your love isn’t artificial, and neither should your venue be. Plus, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and supporting an environmentally-conscious business during your stay.

5. Keep Making History

Because eco-lodges aim for sustainability, they often work closely with local communities with rich cultural heritages. Your trip is immersed in the area’s culture instead of being cut off from it. Belize, for example, has so much to explore, and this adventure can be woven into your celebration. In fact, Jaguar Creek offers weddings at ancient archeological sites. Whether you get married at the lodge or beyond, the rich cultural heritage connects your love to thousands of years old history.

6. Location Options

Many destination weddings are in tropical and picturesque locations that are overrun by mass tourism and unsustainable practices. You can find eco-lodges in some of the most popular places for a destination wedding and support the local economy and environment with your choice.

You also find more affordable and beautiful locations by choosing an eco-lodge. The Caribbean destination, Belize, for example, is often considered a top honeymoon destination and an ideal place to tie the knot. It’s tropical but not too difficult to get to from North America or Europe. The country is no secret, though, and resorts are often booked out for weddings. Because eco-lodges are smaller, you’ll often be able to find a sustainable wedding venue at a beautiful eco-lodge in Belize for an affordable price.

7. Wedding Packages

The best part about an eco-lodge wedding is that you don’t have to plan it. Many eco-lodges offer wedding packages that take the stress out of your destination wedding so you can spend more time making memories to last a lifetime.

Unlike larger venues, these packages feel intimate so that you can focus on your love. At Jaguar Creek, our Belize wedding package includes a wedding coordinator, officiant, photographer, snacks, refreshments, cakes, tropical bouquets, and a champagne toast. The lodge is sustainably and beautifully decorated for your special day, and a special honeymoon suite is prepared just for you.

With the option to add more to your Belize destination wedding, like dinner or a DJ, you have options at Jaguar Creek, so you can spend your entire time in Belize celebrating your lifetime of love.

You can learn more about booking wedding packages in Belize by clicking here.

From their stunning natural settings and sustainability practices to their opportunities for cultural immersion and adventure, eco-lodges provide a one-of-a-kind environment for your special day. So if you’re planning a destination wedding and want to create a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests, consider choosing an eco-lodge as your venue.

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