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5 Animals You Can Spot at Jaguar Creek

At Jaguar Creek, a Belize eco resort, you’re right in the heart of the jungle animals in Belize. Amid our lush surrounds, you’re going to find out you’re not alone as you trek along the dense foliage.

Head out from your Belize tropical cabana along our trails and you will be delighted to find all sorts of animals roaming wild. Here are 5 of them that you may see as you seek your own adventure.

What animals are in Belize?

  1.  Jaguarundi

It’s just a little larger than a house cat, but the jaguarundi has those predatory eyes. Don’t be alarmed when you see one though, for it is far more interested in feasting upon small birds, wild rabbits, and mice. They’re easier to spot at night when they are most active, though you’re more likely to hear them instead.

The jaguarundi makes distinctive bird-like chirps that sound like whistles and yaps. They are incredibly elusive, so if you see one, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch it in the wild.

  1. Agouti

Often called the ‘Royal Rat of Belize,’ the agouti or gibnut is abundant in the area. It has had this nickname since Queen Elizabeth II visited Belize in 1985, back when it was newly established. During her stay, she was served a stew that was made of this creature. Delighting in the flavors, she claimed it tasted like rabbit.

Ever since, the locals in Belize have called it the ‘Royal Rat of Belize.’ Sighting one is just as exciting. They are still being hunted because this delicious game meat was good enough to impress the Queen and impresses everyone else too.

But if you don’t want to taste them, that’s fine as well. These small creatures are under two feet in length. You may hear them crunching through the leaves on the ground when they are near.

  1. Ocelot

While the ocelot looks similar to a jaguar, it’s a different creature. These are very stealthy so sighting ocelots is a rare occurrence, yet plenty of guests at Jaguar Creek have seen them roaming around. However, be prepared to store the image in your mind as they will take off before you can even snap a photo.

  1. Howler Monkey

Commonly referred to as a baboon here in Belize, the howler monkey is one of the largest species of monkeys. It’s also the loudest, hence the name. You can hear their howls for miles, particularly during morning hours. In fact, you may not need a wake-up call with these creatures around.

But they’re not just noisy in the morning. They can make loud cries in the evenings. And they may clue you in that you’ll need an umbrella as they howl before it rains too.

Belize has one of the largest populations of howler monkeys in Central America. At Jaguar Creek, you will find them amid the nature trails and along the creek when you go tubing. Mostly, they’re just noisy and interesting animals that eat fruits, nuts, flowers, and other plants. They live in large families that consist of up to 10 members. You may see the family that lives in the area here near our Belize eco resort.

  1. Scarlet Macaw

Belize is an avian paradise, brimming with a bounty of birds all around. One you will likely see is the scarlet macaw. It has bright feathers in red, blue, and yellow. While you’ve perhaps seen one at a zoo or animal sanctuary, or even as a pet, here they are only in the wild. They are protected birds in Belize that roam free in the rainforest, flying and squawking as they go about their territory.

Reserve Your Chance to Get Closer to Nature at Jaguar Creek

At Jaguar Creek, we are on a mission to give you an awe-inspiring experience that is unique to Belize. Through exceptional service with attention to detail, mindful activities that focus on our stewardship of creation, and supporting the local community by sourcing goods and services from the local businesses, our Belize jungle resort is an incredibly special retreat.

Whether you are coming to explore for your honeymoon or couples’ retreat, with a group of treasured friends, or as a family with your young children, our goal is to bring you closer to each other while being closer to nature.

What you will see and experience here will remind you of what’s important in life. The chance to see animals like these and live life in reality rather than viewing it on a screen is something purely precious. 

With room specials that make your adventures even more affordable, there’s never been a better time to come spot the animals at Jaguar Creek and get more out of your vacation!

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