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5 Belize Cocktails You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Belizean Cocktails You Don’t Want to Miss                

Picture this…you’re sitting in a Belize tropical cabana with a drink in your hand. You probably have your favorite cocktails you enjoy at home, but why not try something different while you’re enjoying your vacation?

When you’re at Jaguar Creek Belize eco lodge, you’ll be all set to relax and enjoy life at a more relaxed pace. It’s the way it should be, with a beautiful cocktail made just for you in the bar. Instead of getting the same old thing, get something new to tempt your taste buds and remind you to enjoy your stay!

What are the best cocktails in Belize?

  1. Panty Ripper

This drink is a flavorful one that brings the party. Made with coconut rum and pineapple juice, this simple yet delicious cocktail is full of tropical tastes. It’s both sweet and refreshing, making it exceedingly easy to drink. Make sure you replenish with plenty of water in between rounds…these go down surprisingly easy!

  1. Cranbarrel

The Cranbarrel is a simple drink for a reason…you need to taste the award-winning One Barrel Rum from Belize that is used to craft this cocktail. The dark rum is a perfect match for cranberry juice, which is how the drink got its name. Elegant, easy, and great for rum lovers, if you love cranberry juice as your mixer, choose the Cranbarrel to make your vacation merry and bright!

  1. Rum Punch

You’re bound to find rum punch everywhere, but in Belize, it’s done differently. That’s all due to that One Barrel Rum again. It’s iconic here, and hence, using any other rum for a rum punch in Belize is almost criminal. Along with orange, lime, pineapple, and grapefruit, this fruit punch really packs a punch in both flavors and strength. It’s the best way to kick off your vacation.

  1. Watermelon Daiquiri

If you prefer daiquiris after coming back in from that epic Belize adventure tour, then make it a watermelon daiquiri. It is made with frozen watermelon which gives it that incredibly refreshing quality. Along with some light rum, orange liqueur, and lime juice, this frozen libation is one of the best cocktails to have while in Belize.

There are many other flavors of daiquiri you can try too, like one made with dragon fruit. And if the usual flavors you love like strawberry or banana are more of what you’re craving, just say the word and you’ve got it!

  1. Rum Popo

If you’re visiting Belize around the December holidays, there’s no need to miss your eggnog. Just order a Rum Popo and you’ll be all set. This Belizean treasure dates back hundreds of years and is something the locals drink in celebration. You’ll get plenty of rum and nutmeg flavors in this rich and creamy drink. In all households in Belize, families have their own recipe that varies, but you can count on a few constants. For one, it will always be made with Belizean rum, and for another, it will always taste like heaven. Even if Christmas is a long way off, you can celebrate in any season with this magical and velvety drink!

Bonus Beverage: Belikin Beer

What if you’re vacationing in Belize and you aren’t a cocktail person? Then try the famed Belizean beer, Belikin Beer. They say it is brewed by Belizeans and for Belizeans, but visitors are always welcome to give it a try. This beer is best served ice cold in its renowned dark bottle. Come in from your activities and grab one at the bar at Jaguar Creek.

Enjoy Your Stay at Jaguar Creek

With these signature Belizean cocktails, you’re sure to have a fun and refreshing time at our unique Belize eco lodge. We have 12 cabanas designed with comfort in mind, amid the surrounds of the jungle. It’s the perfect place to disconnect from the chaotic day to day, so if you’re in need of a vacation, let this be your epic escape.

You can enjoy your cocktails while watching the surrounding rainforest. There are over 600 species of birds flying around out there, plus a family of Howler monkeys that like to play nearby.

We encourage you to get out there and see what makes Belize such a special place to be. With plenty of adventures to be had from serene tubing on the creek to zip lining, you’ll be in need of some refreshment when you get back. Simply head to the bar and let us know which of these superb cocktails to mix up for you.

And should you not feel up for mingling, enjoy your cocktails in the comfort of your cabana. The peace you’ll find in and around your lodgings is sure to help you soothe all your cares away!



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